The  s4e PHILOSOPHY is that everyone is sensitive in one way or another. My products are formulated to be gentle on your hair and skin because I know that if you slather a styling product on your hair, it’s ultimately going to end up making contact with your face while you roll around on your pillow all night!  

The Hair Cream is dermatologist approved and clinically tested to be safe for PEOPLE WITH  SENSITIVE SKIN. It’s also free of gluten and artificial dyes and fragrances.  From their feel to their smell, s4e products are designed to create a subtle, calming sensory experience. 

A seasoned stylist and Clean-Air Salon owner myself, I always hated how every layer of professional styling product can add a new veil of perfume to carry around. Ew! 

Are you sensitive about how you treat the environment? Me, too. That’s why The Hair Cream is cruelty free and vegan. It’s made using recyclable materials, and the lid is 100% post-consumer plastic. 

I’ve always believed that the professional haircare industry needed brands that were not only efficacious but also easy on our senses and the environment. Join me! Let’s be SENSITIVE PEOPLE together!

❤ ~ Sukie

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